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Rainscreen Principles Overview 
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Featured Product 

    Light Interference Color (LIC)  is an electrochemical process which thickens the naturally occurring chromium oxide on stainless steel. The clear oxide layer acts like the raindrop which creates the rainbow. Wheat, bronze, slate, purple, blue, red, and green are just some of the colors obtained. 
    Since the color is only perceived and it is only light interference on the surface of the material, UV cannot effect the color. Installations more than 30 years old have not shown any change. LIC creates more artistic variable colors than the uniform static color of paint. Since the color is dependent on light; light conditions and viewing angles will have a varying effect on the perceived color. LIC is available in preformed products or sheets up to 48” X 120”.

    Millennium Tiles  manufactures permanently-colored stainless steel tiles that will give your project an honest, timeless and classic look. They deliver a combination of extreme durability with design versatility.
   Beautiful,  maintenance-free metal tiles are available in natural and color.

    They include a 40/50 year warranty on all of their metal tiles, and their products are made in the USA. Your residential or commercial project will result in an elegant, timeless appeal.

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